New architecture for municipalities’ premises management

Together with an international team of researchers from Tampere University of Technology (TUT), Parmaco has completed a research and design project aimed at giving the company’s modular and portable buildings an even more advanced architectural look and environmental compatibility, while also taking into account material efficiency and financial perspectives.

The project was led by Professor Harry Edelman of TUT’s Department of Sustainable Building and Development. The project research team included Project Researcher Mikko Laak, an urban planning specialist, Architect Malgorzata Joachimiak, who was also conducting doctoral thesis research, and Architect and Landscape Architect Nathan Siter from TUT, who acted as project manager.

The design work was preceded by an extensive survey, conducted among municipal personnel responsible for premises management as well as users of Parmaco’s portable premises. Interviews, implemented using the theme interview method, generated comprehensive information for the design project and was supplemented by customer feedback collected by Parmaco.

The research as well as the results of the design project were presented at an invitation seminar New Architecture for Municipalities’ Premises Management, jointly arranged by Parmaco and TUT in May 2014.

“Cooperation with TUT produced interesting architecture, while not forgetting the sustainable construction and cost-efficiency aspects,” says Parmaco CEO Ossi Alastalo. “We will continue development work on the architecture of modular and portable premises, both in our own design team and in cooperation with Tampere University of Technology. The wishes and needs of our customers will also be central to design work in future projects.”

Further information: Parmaco Oy’s Chief Executive Officer Ossi Alastalo, tel. +358 400 634 732


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