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Kalevanharju Day Care Facility

The Kalevanharju day care facility is a temporary base for day care facilities that the city is currently renovating. The day care facility for 100 children has play and rest areas for groups, common group rooms and activity rooms as well as a gym hall.  Children’s entrances have facilities for maintenance of wet outdoor gear. Employees have their own break rooms and offices and there is a modern kitchen for serving pre-prepared meals.

The Kalevanharju day care facility is connected to distance heating and there is water-based underfloor heating. Building automation is digitally controlled (DDC-based) and room-specific ventilation control guarantees level indoor air quality throughout the year.  Parmaco has focused on energy-efficiency, for example, in lighting design by installing motion-controlled lights and selecting the most energy-efficient heat collection system on the market.


“We are extremely satisfied with the premises of the day care facility. In particular, there is enough storage space. The old and the new facility on the plot constitute an elegant whole and form a yard where it is safe to play. The look of the buildings is important because the two day care facilities are situated in a prominent location next to a conference centre.”

– Hanna Hjelt, Director, Jussinkylä Day Care Facility

Sairaalankatu 3, Tampere, Finland
Completed in 2014
979 m2

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PL 50 (Haarlankatu 4 F) 33231 Tampere phone 020 734 0011
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