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– with a sustainable solution

We are the leading expert in rented buildings in Finland. With a sustainable process at our plants in Leppävirta and Pyhäjoki, we design and manufacture buildings which are perfect for growing, learning and living.

We employ more than 200 people. The main material used in our buildings is Finnish wood.

We adapt each of our buildings to the needs of our customer – such as day care centres, schools, or care facilities. When one need ends, we put the building to a new use or reincorporate its elements into a new building.

The carbon footprint of a rented building is only half that of a building built on site

You can help the environment by renting a building from us. During its use, the carbon footprint of a rented Parmaco building can be as much as 50% lower than that of a building built on site.

The entire manufacturing process of Parmaco buildings takes place indoors, so you don’t have to worry about indoor air quality risks due to moisture problems during the construction phase.

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Parmaco employs around 200 people in a variety of roles including production, design, sales and administration.

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Jukka Joutsenkoski appointed as CEO of Parmaco Group

The board of Parmaco Group has appointed Jukka Joutsenkoski (M.Sc) as the CEO of the company.

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Parmaco acquires Fixcel, an innovative Finnish modular builder

Parmaco Group Oy, the leading Finnish rental school and day care provider, acquires Fixcel Group Oy, an innovative Finnish modular builder specialized in advanced steel cell structures.

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