Happy International Women’s day!



Today, 8 March, International Women’s Day is celebrated. The day was established to serve the women’s rights movement and to bring special attention to gender equality.

Today we celebrate women at work! At Parmaco, we employ women in various roles, such as production, finance, design, HR, sales, purchasing and marketing.

Let us present two of them: Andrea Rados from Helsinki, Finland, and Kajsa Westberg Eriksson from our Stockholm office in Sweden. Andrea and Kajsa are architects and work in our design unit, which creates fresh, modern and well-functioning buildings in Parmaco that follow the principles of circular economy.

Let’s ask Andrea and Kajsa about their roles:

1.. What inspired you to pursue your current role, and what excites you the most about your work at Parmaco?


I started at Parmaco straight after graduating my master’s from Aarhus School of Architecture. What drew me to modular architecture was the was the way in which tectonics, the reusability aspect and mode of production impact the design so directly. The framework of the module gives my creativity guidelines to work with, which I enjoy. Close contact to our factories has taught me a lot about streamline processes and building in general. The atmosphere at Parmaco is warm and positive and I have lovely colleagues to rely on. There is a lot of international cooperation, which for me as someone interested in languages, is a definitive plus.


I joined Parmaco just over a year and a half ago, fresh out of university. My daily inspiration comes from my incredible colleagues. Since starting, we’ve recruited people with amazing experiences and skills. It’s an honor to work alongside those who believe in our company and its future. The sense of possibilities and challenges pushes me to excel; I’m eager to contribute and grow. I’m also motivated by knowing that the processes I work with can be optimized, a crucial aspect of our ongoing growth.


2. Can you share a significant achievement or project you’ve worked on at Parmaco that you’re particularly proud of?


Because we often answer to the acute need of functional spaces for the client, the transition from design on the drawing board to finished building is relatively swift. Seeing one’s hard work come to fruition so quickly is one of the perks of working with a modular system. I have been a part of many projects here at Parmaco; schools and kindergartens mainly, but one project that particularly stands out is the Big Room-office building of the growing Laakso Hospital area. I was the architect in charge of the design, and it was inspiring working within the context of the historic hospital area. I take pride in the customer service aspect of my job and I´m always happiest when the customer is heard, their wishes met and so the building is well received.  


Just 30 working days into my time at Parmaco, we won a bid for our first office building in the Jönköping region, which I had designed. While not without its challenges, everything came together, and by April last year, the building was in use. This project was a significant kickoff for me, teaching me the valuable lessons that mistakes are part of the process and that I was in a place that encouraged development and responsibility. Since then, it’s been a whirlwind, involving me in 8 more projects and creating around 70 bids/sales drawings.

3. What advice would you give to other women looking to enter your field?


Especially as someone fresh from school, it can be hard trusting one’s own competences and knowledge; impostor syndrome is real. It´s important to keep in mind that no one enters a new position knowing everything and perfectly ready. When entering a new field, it is as important letting your interests guide you, as it is keeping an open mind towards learning new things, even about matters that might feel unrelated at the time. Architecture is a “mixed medium” field and I think the more varied her knowledge base, the better the architect.


Above all, always believe in yourself and what you want to achieve. It’s impossible to predict who you’ll meet throughout your career and what thoughts, opinions, and ideas they might have. Being your biggest supporter is crucial, recognizing that knowledge is not tied to gender but to experience, that I could do just as good a job if given the same conditions, and that I will always follow my dreams regardless of what anyone else says. Also, ensure you contribute to creating a positive work environment for yourself. Being positive, understanding, and receptive increases the chances that your colleagues will treat you the same way.

With this interview, we would like to wish everyone a wonderful Women’s Day!