HeMoHes research explores the possibilities of using modular buildings in social and health care

As a research partner Aalto University has among others Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. For Parmaco the idea is to produce information about which sort of social and healthcare functions a loaned solution would serve the best way.

– We have interviewed users of Parmaco buildings in HUS Hyvinkää Hospital campus and Lauritsala’s Welfare Center. Users have been very pleased and the feedback has been positive. For example, indoor air conditions get praises comparing to traditional buildings. On administration’s point of view some buildings meant to be temporary solutions have become more or less permanent. In some cases the original operations have moved to a new location and been replaced with other functions, says Peltokorpi.

At this point it already seems that loaned buildings would serve well as a hospital campus using the Satellite Model which would consist of spaces as examination rooms, outpatients’ clinic, administrative buildings and wards as needed. More results will be available this fall when master’s thesis about the subject is completed.