In Viherlaakso Europe’s biggest portable school building

The Viherlaakso school’s premises, covering 3,615 square metres, are located on two floors. The building has interior stairways and a passenger lift. The school has around thirty different types of teaching areas of various sizes as well as lots of storage, office and lobby space. There are two fully-equipped home economics classrooms with separate storage and work facilities. A dedicated teaching space is reserved for textile work, while there are two visual art classrooms and four natural science classrooms.

Could also be much bigger

Although the portable school building in Viherlaakso, Espoo is the largest of its kind in Europe, it could also be much bigger, according to Parmaco’s Sales Manager, Mikko Ruopio. “The idea that a building’s portability would somehow limit its size is a misconception. Portability does not in any way limit the size of a building. If the customer wishes, we will rent a ten thousand square metre building or even larger, if only the plot size and other factors influencing the building permit allow this.”

Parmaco presented the Viherlaakso school premises to its customers, invited guests and  the school’s future pupils and their parents on an open day in October. Many of those who visited the premises said that they were surprised at how well-designed, spacious and bright the school building is. “Generally it’s always like this. The preconceptions about portable premises held by pupils’ parents in particular do not always correspond in all respects with what the premises we rent are actually like,” says Parmaco’s Sales Director, Timo Myllynen. “We invest in quality and architecture and, of course, we listen to our customers’ wishes.”


In December 2014, the City of Espoo’s Building Control Committee and Building Control Centre gave Parmaco an honourable mention in the HURRAA Award, which recognises modern works related to the built environment which are implemented with particular distinction and success. Viherlaakso’s portable school building is representative of such a work.