New climate friendly school now completed at Guldheden

– Mossebergsskolan needed to expand their operations. Since 2014 and 2015 there has not been a sufficient amount of space for the school’s pupils who have increased from 160 to 235, largely due to the fact that more families are choosing to live in the centre. So far we’ve been coping in a small annex, but now there is not enough space any more, says Weronica Lundqvist at Centrum Göteborgs stad.

Mossebergsskolan was built in the 1950’s and has enough room for preschool classes and grades one and two. Up until a few years ago, the school had around 160 children, but due to the increasing amount of pupils in recent years, it has now become too small. Instead, a temporary school was built next to Guldhedsskolan.

– The school’s annex arrived before the summer holidays started, and by the start of the autumn term, it had been equipped and completed. Reactions from staff and students have been extremely positive, above expectations. The premises are excellent. Very modern and practical. Everything is new and soundproofed with good acoustics, says Weronica Lundqvist.

The new school is 650 m3 spread over two floors, it can accommodate around 80 pupils and has three classrooms, a group room, a work room and a leisure area. The school is next to Guldhedsskolan and is being rented by the city of Gothenburg over at least the following five years.

– This is a climate-smart schoolhouse where heating is provided through a water-based system instead of electricity, which makes the whole school energy efficient. Because we deliver dynamic buildings and not modular classrooms, the possibilities are many as to what you can do, says Eric Sjöö, Regional Manager at Parmaco, who has been showing groups around the school from other municipalities.

For more information, contact:

Weronica Lundqvist, Management Support, Centrum Göteborgs Stad, Tel.: 031-365 71 00, e-mail

Eric Sjöö, Regional Manager, Parmaco, Tel.: 0727 345 455, e-mail: