Parmaco increases its facilites in Pyhäjoki

– We have about forty employees, as well as electricity and HPAC subcontractors. In the past, Parmaco has invested in a warehouse and a new office building, for example. Social facilities will be built between 2017 and 2018, Juha Hourula, the production manager for Parmaco’s factory in Pyhäjoki, tells.

– The land purchase agreement is a clear indication that Parmaco will continue to develop its production in Pyhäjoki. We are happy that our successful cooperation with the Pyhäjoki local council continues and that we can continue to develop our production. In wintertime we construct buildings in the storage facilities and therefore a new storage space is important for us. It will enable a more consistent production rhythm all year round and is also important because the size of loan buildings has increased and new building units require a lot of space, says Ossi Alastalo, Parmaco’s managing director.

– We are very happy about Parmaco’s business success. It is good that we can help the company grow with this land purchase agreement, Matti Soronen, the mayor of Pyhäjoki, states.