Parmaco’s Kruunu day care building to Muurame

Reijo Koivuniemi, Real Estate Manager of Muurame Municipality, was involved in wide-ranging role at the project. He acted as a buyer, lead the planning and supervised the constructing of foundations. The daycare personnel was also involved in planning the space requirements. Koivuniemi has previous experience in loan-building projects.

– In this project everything worked as it should. We got the building we needed quickly and efficiently. I actually just told the project manager of Parmaco that this is the way projects should always work, Koivuniemi says.

The house will be filled with cheerful life in early February when the staff and the children get under the new roof.

There are facilities for three groups of children in the Parmaco’s standard Kruunu kindergarten. If necessary, the premises will be adapted to the customer’s wishes and needs.