Offering healthy indoor air


We spend 90% of our time indoors, so naturally indoor air problems are one of the most talked about issues in our society today. Indoor air quality is not just about having clean air to breathe, but also about having appropriate spaces where air quality is systematically monitored throughout the life of the building.

The government’s ten-year Healthy Spaces 2028 programme aims to deliver healthy and safe buildings and satisfied users. Much good work is already being done in municipalities to improve indoor air quality. The municipalities’ own active involvement is therefore key to ensuring that in the future each and every one of us has access to healthy indoor spaces.

It is good that the issue is being raised and that the importance of clean indoor air is being taken seriously. The fact that people want to invest in and pay attention to healthy indoor air in buildings is good news for us,” says Pekka Inkinen, Business Director at Parmaco Health.

The Parmaco Health building is built for healthy indoor air

One of the most important wishes of our customers is clean and healthy indoor air. Our dynamic buildings are always designed with healthy indoor air in mind and according to their future use. We cross-test the compatibility of materials and chemicals in our buildings, taking into account changes in humidity, heat exchange and carbon dioxide levels.

The compatibility of building chemicals has a very significant impact on indoor air quality. All the materials we use are always cross-tested to ensure that no unwanted compounds are formed. The steel cell elements in the frame of our buildings contain no organic substances, so they do not provide favourable conditions for microbial growth and mould,” says Pekka Inkinen.

As the steel cell modules are manufactured in our factory, almost ready for use and protected from rain and other weather conditions, moisture cannot accumulate in the structures. Even after delivery, we continuously monitor the indoor air quality during use with sensors throughout the building.

Our modular building solution is based on the FIXCEL® steel cell, which rigid structure allows large spatial elements to be manufactured under factory conditions and transported to the building site without the risk of structural deterioration or mould. The Parmaco Health building is a functional, adaptable and high quality solution for schools, kindergartens and hospitals. The main advantages of steel cells are energy efficiency and clean indoor air, which are unmatched in Parmaco Health buildings.

A building that is carefully designed for its intended use, with healthy and safe indoor air, and that can be delivered in a short time, is an ecological, cost-effective, and sensible way to build.