Parmaco buildings

Purpose-built buildings

We do not rent compromises – all our buildings are specifically designed and constructed for your specific needs. School buildings are designed to serve as schools and day care facilities are specifically designed to operate as day care facilities – among other things, the materials used, safety and functionality requirements are different.

Our light and airy, sound-proofed space solutions are comfortable learning and working environments that have pleasantly quiet floors and doors as well as effective air conditioning.

Our buildings are both technically reliable and architecturally suited to their environment.

An ecological alternative

Our buildings have long and ecologically sustainable life-cycles: when the renting agreement ends, the building can be moved to another location for other end users.

Our buildings utilize modern, energy-saving solutions. Their frames and facades are made of wood and the modules are constructed indoors in dry conditions so that humidity does not get into the structures.


When you rent a building from us, you will always have the right area at your disposal and you do not end up paying for buildings that you don’t use. When you rent a building from us, you do not need to make major investments nor pay for assembly or maintenance costs. As our customer, you will not have unpleasant, costly surprises, because you will know the total cost of the premises during the entire renting period.

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Flexible and rapid

Our strengths include short planning, construction and assembly times. Good examples are the four day-care facilities that we supplied for the city of Joensuu: a contract for the buildings was drawn up in July and the facilities were handed over ready for use in October.

Renting a building is often a faster process than getting a million-euro construction or renovation investment approved in the municipal budget.


We construct building modules in compliance with all applicable regulations and standards that govern construction under supervised conditions, indoors safe from the elements. Our buildings are tested and all their surface materials fulfil the criteria of the Finnish M1 emissions classification for building materials. The M1 label is the lowest emissions class with extremely little or no emissions in the room space.