Parmaco Factory puts a stop to material waste


The construction industry is one of the largest producers of waste in Finland. At Parmaco, we want to do our part responsibly. Reducing waste takes planning and long-term commitment, but the positive environmental impact of the changes makes it all worthwhile.

Since 2020, we have completely zeroed the CO2 load of our waste management with L&T, and our production processes are optimised to minimise waste. Through L&T’s Carbon Neutral Waste Management service, we have been able to offset our waste emissions through Gold Standard certified reforestation projects.

In 2021, our goal was to increase recycling rates and further reduce waste volumes and material waste. In addition, the overall cleanliness of our factory, the systematic sorting of goods and the safety of our staff were at the top of the priority list. We achieved this last year with the introduction of lean construction in our factory in the summer.

By moving to lean construction, we have significantly improved our control of materials, resources and production throughput. During the first project, we increased daily module production by around 40%. With the current lean construction model, we can double our current production just by increasing human resources,” says Mika Järvinen, Factory Manager.

Lean construction allows us to minimise material waste because the materials for each job are predetermined and the materials needed for each job are delivered to the right place, close to the job, daily. Another positive effect of lean construction is that every employee and contractor know the daily workload throughout the project, making resource requirements predictable and manageable.


Our patented FIXCEL®️ steel cell uses fewer raw materials than steel beam buildings. As a result, the main benefits of our steel modules are the lightness, strength, and rigidity of our frame material. Thanks to the dense structure, less energy is used to heat our buildings than usual, resulting in very low overall energy consumption in our buildings. This makes our buildings’ life-cycle ecological.

At our factory in Hämeenlinna, we manufacture all modules from start to finish with industrial efficiency. This enables us to ensure that the modules are protected from the weather throughout the construction project, and we can hand over the finished building to the customer in perfect indoor climate conditions.

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