Friisilä Day Care Facility

Friisinniityntie 21, 02240 Espoo

Day Care Facility

Completed in


Square meters

1562 m2

The best day care centre ever!

Indoor air problems led to the demolition of the old Friisilä Day Care Centre in early 2019. Six months later, a new two-storey building stood on the site.

In July 2019, the Friisilä Day Care Centre in Espoo got its new premises, and in August the building was already full of life.

The day care centre is designed for six groups of children. On the ground floor, in addition to the toddlers’ group rooms, there is a multifunctional hall, a dining area and a kitchen, as well as work areas for the staff. Upstairs, there are rooms for four groups of children, a common playroom and a sculpture class, where children can practise various arts and crafts,” says Marina Primietta, Head of Early Childhood Education.

Collaboration at all stages of the project

According to Primietta, the successful establishment of the new day care centre requires seamless cooperation between the various parties involved. She is pleased that the needs and wishes of the users have been taken into account at all stages of the project. Primietta has been involved in the setting up of several day care centres.

It is certainly useful to know how such projects are generally carried out. It was also important in this project that I was able to get to know other day care centres supplied by Parmaco here in Espoo. Good solutions were copied to us, while less effective ones were improved. For example, properly sized hand washing facilities for the very youngest children. I’m really happy with the end result, this is the best day care centre ever,” she says.