Hirvimetsä Day Care Facility

Hirvikoskentie 225 B, 32210 LOIMAA

Day Care Facility

Completed in


Square meters

1200 m2

One of the special features of the Hirvimetsä day care centre is a 6-metre-high and spacious 150-square-metre multipurpose room that can be used as a dining and sports hall.

The new 1200 m2 kindergarten will be built on the site of the demolished Hirvikoski School, where the Mahlapuisto and Kitkonpuisto kindergartens and preschool children will move. At this stage, the premises will house 4 different kindergarten groups and a group for school children’s morning and afternoon activities. The day care centre will have places for just under 100 children, depending on their age and early childhood education needs.

The first elements of the 60 square metre space left the Parmaco factory at the end of April and were in place on the Hirvikoski site in less than a week. The 23 prefabricated elements of the building, including the fixed furniture, were manufactured from start to finish in our Hämeenlinna factory.

One of the gems of the building is the 6 metre high, 150 square metre multifunctional dining and sports hall, which is taller and more spacious than usual for a day care, with large windows. The colour scheme has been designed so that different groups work in different coloured rooms, which adds a nice playfulness to the children’s day. The courtyard, on the other hand, was designed to harmonise the colours of the building’s exterior and interior. In addition, the valuable trees on the site were protected by working with a landscape architect.

– The functionality of the buildings is very important to us. Parmaco Health’s building design has taken into account the needs of the users and meets both our spatial needs and the quality we wanted. Another great thing about this project is that the local contractors and suppliers have been very responsive. For example, the asphalt, paving, gravel, electricity and yard storage for the new day care centre are all locally sourced. Some of the playground equipment is also locally made. We are very happy that our wishes were taken into account from the very beginning of the planning process. The indoor acoustics are exceptionally good, there’s really no humming and the sounds of people in the next room don’t carry far,” says Harri Laaksonen, civil engineer for the City of Loimaa.