HUS Addiction Psychiatry Ward

Välskärinkatu 6a, 00260 HELSINKI


Completed in


Square meters

829  m2

Appropriateness and safety were especially taken into account in the execution of the premises of the Addiction Psychiatry Ward

The premises of the Addiction Psychiatry Ward at the HUS Helsinki University Hospital were completed in June 2018 in the protected Kivelä hospital area. The size of the two-storey building is 829 m2.

Important aspects of the project included the location of the building in the vicinity of the Psychiatric Ward and the appropriateness and safety of the premises. The premises accommodate a psychiatric clinic for substance abuse, for which we built 19 reception rooms, 4 group rooms, an examination room, a pharmacy, and public and staff rooms.

The client wanted the building to be movable, but the building elements had to meet the criteria set for the U-values of a permanent building.

The Kivelä hospital area hosts a number of culturally and historically valuable and protected buildings that impose demands on the appearance of new buildings. The facade of the substance abuse psychiatry ward was built and painted in accordance with the requirements of the customer.