HUS Child Psychiatric Inpatient Care

Pohjoinen Hesperiankatu 25, 00260 Helsinki


Completed in


Square meters

2589 m2

The facade of the child psychiatric inpatient ward at HUS was ensured to blend into the protected environment

The child psychiatric inpatient ward at HUS Helsinki University Hospital was completed in the Kivelä hospital area in December 2018. The key elements of the project were the flexibility of the facility solution, an efficient supply chain, and the health and safety of the facility. The facilities opened at the beginning of 2019.

The building houses the acute inpatient ward of child psychiatry, the day ward and the care ward. Children under the age of 13 are treated in the wards, and some of the places are for 24-hour care. The special needs of child patients and the functionality of the ward were ensured in all construction and equipment solutions. Special requests made by the customer included particularly effective sound insulation and dimmable lighting.

The finished ward is a three-storey building with a central aisle. On the first floor there are rooms for the acute care unit, on the second floor there are rooms for the day care and inpatient care unit, and on the third floor are the common areas as well as various auxiliary rooms.

The Kivelä hospital area hosts a number of culturally and historically valuable and protected buildings that impose demands on the appearance of new buildings. The facade of the child psychiatry ward was built and painted in accordance with the requirements of the customer.