Maatulli Primary School

Suuntimotie 28, 00750 Helsinki


Completed in


Square meters

8500 m2

Maatulli Primary School rejoices in fresh facilities

According to the Urban Environment Department, the former school premises in Maatulli were in a poor technical condition and did not meet the objectives of the new learning concept. The former facilities of the Minttu Day Care Centre needed extensive renovation, and it was not financially viable to renovate them.

The largest dynamic building in Finland is home to Maatulli Primary School and Minttu Day Care Centre. The building covers an area of 8,500 m2 and accommodates 700 primary school pupils in grades 1-9 and 150 day care children. The building employs around 70 staff.

Maatulli Primary School was designed in collaboration with pedagogues, school staff and pupils to ensure the best possible outcome for all. They also wanted to invest in the interior design of the school to make it as calming and homely as possible. For example, the building has inviting sofas and reading corners for free periods, where pupils can relax and read independently. The spaces are flexible and adaptable: classrooms can be combined and even opened up to the corridors if necessary.

– This stress-free environment is of course valuable for everyone. Quiet and relaxing working conditions support the daily work and also have a positive effect on motivation. Cosy premises create a good atmosphere and our wonderful school is a joy for everyone. Another positive surprise has been the energy efficiency, as we have already noticed a significant reduction in electricity consumption,” says Heli Siljama, principal of Maatulli Primary School.

The school’s facilities were a positive surprise

One important aspect is the air inside the building, which is fresh and clean. Teachers and pupils have noticed that they are not getting sick as they were in the old school building. The building’s quietness has also been a positive surprise, because although one of our main railway lines runs next to the school, you don’t notice the trains passing by. The building does not vibrate and the sound of the trains does not carry into the building, so lessons are not interrupted when the trains pass.

Last year, Maatulli Primary School also received new values. Safety, cooperation, fairness, kindness and joy. Siljama believes that the new school’s facilities and environment are wonderfully underpinned by these values. They help to implement a positive pedagogy and are reflected in the recruitment of staff. The ecological aspect is now well established, as recycling is finally being handled in the right way.

This kind of lifecycle ecological construction is the future, so hopefully we will see more flexible spaces in the future, because the school buildings of the future will be used for more than just schooling. Let’s not leave buildings empty, but use them for a variety of recreational purposes in the future.