Melalahti Day Care Facility

Koulutie 6, Kuopio, Finland

Day Care Facility

Completed in


Square meters

1101 m2

It was not feasible to repair the old Melalahti day care center, so the city of Kuopio chose a rented purpose-built day-care facility. The facility was designed focusing on spaciousness and versatilily of use. The total area of the day care facility that includes a spacious lobby and a hall in addition to group spaces for children and staff areas is a generous thousand square metres. The partition wall between the lobby and the hall can be opened up to create a large open area. As the building has a digital locking system, the space can be rented to locals for recreational purposes.

The Melalahti day care facility uses distance heating and has water-based underfloor heating, which means that there are no radiators with sharp edges and children are comfortable playing on the floor. The premises are quiet and calm thanks to good sound-proofing.

“Focus on ergonomics can be seen and felt in everyday use of the premises. For years we had indoor air quality issues and it is simply great to be in a clean and fresh building. Sound-proofing is excellent and interior materials are selected for both acoustic and fire-safety properties.”

– Merja Oksman, Director, Melalahti Day Care Facility