Olkahinen School

Jenseninkatu 3, 33610 Tampere


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Olkahinen School appreciates clean and spacious facilities

Since the beginning of May 2018, Olkahinen School has been operating in premises provided by Parmaco. The school has 250 children, including both pre-school and grades 1-6. There are ten classes and the pre-school education takes place in two different groups. After-school activities for pupils in grades 1 and 2 also take place in the same building.

The classrooms at Olkahinen are of a standard size in terms of square metres, but the spaciousness of the premises has surprised the users. The feeling of space is influenced by spacious corridors, room height and light.

“We all get a bit annoyed when someone mistakenly uses the word ‘barracks’ to describe our spaces. But we are quick to correct that we are not in a barracks school, we are in a modular school and the facilities have been built for us.”

Marja Riekkola, Principal of Olkahinen School