Pakila Primary School

Paloheinäntie 40, 00670 Helsinki


Completed in


Square meters

4130 m2

An almost 300 square metre gymnasium with a stage was added to the school.

The building is part of the Pakilanpuisto Alliance’s multi-year project to renovate and refurbish school and day care facilities in the area. The aim of the project is to increase the number of early childhood education, preschool and school places in the area and to bring them up to a new level of functionality, safety and energy efficiency.

The teaching facilities are divided into five cells, each of which will provide open and adaptable teaching spaces, group work spaces and intensive work spaces. The client wanted the spaces to be easily monitorable and adaptable, so the cells offer a wide range of glass walls and combination options. A more soundproofed cell was also created for the school’s advanced music groups, with spaces specifically designed to support music lessons.

A modular sports hall of almost 300 square metres with stages was also built for the school. The large, open space required a separate load-bearing frame, which in this case was provided by a beam and column structure connecting the modules.

They wanted to be able to use the hall for more than one group at a time, so the hall can be divided into sections with a curtain. The stage can also be separated into its own space so that, for example, music groups can rehearse at the same time as the hall is used for sports.

Energy efficiency has been taken into account in all building solutions and will be verified by energy calculations once the building is completed. The Pakila building has a Class A energy efficiency rating.