Perheiden talo, Ylöjärvi

Mikkolantie 50 B, 33470 Ylöjärvi


Completed in


Square meters

958 m2

Perheiden talo solved the space problems of family services for children in Ylöjärvi

Ylöjärvi Perheiden talo employs around 30 people – social workers and counsellors, family counsellors and workers, secretaries, child supervisor, psychiatrists, a psychologist, an occupational therapist and nurses. The services provided by the house include social and family work for families with children, rapid family counselling, home services for families with children, a children’s supervisor and a family intensive care unit.

Indoor air problems prevented some staff from working at the Ylöjärvi Basic Security Centre. As a result, the working community was split into two different locations, but the opening of Perheiden talo on 24 August 2022 reunited the staff.

“There is enough office space, break rooms, a spacious lobby and suitably sized meeting rooms. The best thing is that we can now all work together in the same building,” says Hanna Seesvuori, Senior Social Worker at Ylöjärvi Family Services for Children.