Riihikallio School

Pellavamäentie 15, 04320 Tuusula


Completed in


Square meters

2033 m2

Riihikallio School’s temporary facilities have been used to create a new type of learning environment with lots of open, adaptable space for different teaching needs.

Riihikallio School’s temporary facilities in Tuusula were completed for the new school year in July 2019. The two-storey school building is designed for 450 students and contains 20 classrooms, including a music classroom and a science classroom. The school is expected to operate in the new building for at least four years.

Over the years, the old Riihikallio school building had undergone a number of condition and indoor air studies, as students and staff using the building had suffered from indoor air problems. Therefore, when the new school building was purchased, the indoor air quality and the non-emitting nature of the building materials had to be taken into account. Parmaco Health’s indoor air safe construction method was ideally suited to the project.

In addition to indoor air safety, the school building was also required to support learning in line with the new curriculum. The building was designed with a wide range of adaptable spaces, allowing classrooms to be combined and divided into larger or smaller teaching units. The adaptability requirements were also taken into account in the building services, acoustics and ventilation solutions.

A spacious central lobby was created on both floors of the building, adding space and light to the floors.

The exterior of the building has been designed to blend in with its surroundings. In addition to the beautiful copper colour, the design of the façade and the water roof, as well as the surface treatment, were carefully considered.