Rovaniemi Central Area Day Care Facility

Ounasjoentie 77, Rovaniemi, Finland

Day Care Facility

Completed in


Square meters

1094 m2

Sahanperä Day Care Facility rents a building for six groups of children. The facility includes group rooms and rest areas for each group. There is a gym hall, a small group room, staff facilities, a dining hall and rest area as well as a kitchen for serving pre-prepared meals. In addition, there are laundry, HVAC and storage rooms. The building has four entrances with adjacent facilities for maintenance of wet outdoor gear. Parmaco delivered the building complete with fixed furnishings and the facility supplied movables.

A focus area when planning the facility was to keep the area under 1,200 square metres to avoid having to construct a separate civil protection site for the facility. Another key element was energy-efficiency: the day care facility is connected to distance heating and it has water-based underfloor heating. The calculated energy performance of the building is class A. Parmaco focused on the energy-efficiency of lighting by installing motion-controlled lights and choosing the most energy-efficient heat collection system on the market. Room-specific CO2 sensors are used to ensure the even quality of indoor air. Underfloor heating is ideal for a day-care facility because small children like to play on the floor.

“It is just great that we got the large gym hall that we wanted. It serves not only the day-care facility daily but it is also a venue for parents’ evenings and our Christmas and spring festivities. The gym hall is equipped with a computer projector that allows us to arrange training and information events for employees and early education staff in general. We had the opportunity to influence the choice of colours in the premises and to participate in designing the yard and selecting the placement of playground equipment. Moreover, we are extremely satisfied with the indoor safety gates that were constructed according to our wishes.”

– Satu Linnamäki-Lumme, Deputy Director of the day-care facility