Tehtaankatu School

Tehtaankatu 15, 00140 Helsinki


Completed in


Multifunctional school spaces on the waterfront

The renovation of the more than 100-year-old school building on Tehtaankatu in Helsinki began in the spring of 2020. The unique location of the replacement facilities, supplied by Parmaco, in Eiranranta, next to prestigious buildings, posed a challenge to those involved in the construction project, but the end result is rewarding.

The building consists of parts A and B, connected by a corridor. Part A is two storeys high and will include a high-ceilinged sports hall. Special multi-purpose rooms have been tailored for the shared use of arts and crafts classes.

“We want to build spaces that are good for learning and growing. In Eiranranta we have achieved this well.”

Jasmin Kivelä, Civil Engineer, City of Helsinki.