Vapaala Day Care Facility

Vapaalanpolku 12, 01650 VANTAA

Day Care Facility

Completed in


Square meters

1500 m2

The Vapaala day care pavilion is a response to the growing number of pre-school children in the Myyrmäki area.

In line with the City of Vantaa’s policy, the new facilities must be safe and healthy. The day care centre will replace the Vapaala day care centre built in 1970, which has reached the end of its useful life and is not economically viable to repair. The pavilion will also replace the Virtatie facilities, which will no longer be used as a nursery.

The City of Vantaa will lease the new site until at least summer 2032. The interior surfaces and fixed furniture have been designed in cooperation with the interior design company Kalliomaa and the staff of the day care centre. The façade is adorned with vertical wooden panels and some walls are decorated with coloured boards to liven up the façade. These give rhythm to the natural wood and bring a modern playfulness to the façade, which is perfect for the users of the day care centre.

– The new facilities must be safe and healthy, in line with the City of Vantaa’s guidelines. The city is moving towards Green Deal targets. Low-emission construction, including energy efficiency, is one of the key words of tomorrow,” says Annika Varsio, Project Manager for Construction at the City of Vantaa’s Facilities Centre.


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