Viherlaakso School

Lukionahde 1, Espoo


Completed in


Square meters

3618 m2

The two-storey school building for 31 school classes in Viherlaakso in Espoo is one of Europe’s largest portable modular school buildings. In the building there are approximately thirty teaching premises of different sizes and plenty of storage areas, offices and halls and two fully equipped home economics classrooms with separate storage areas and kitchens as well as a textiles work classroom, two art classrooms and four science classrooms. The building has both indoor stairs and a lift for wheelchair users.

On open house days, many visitors have said that they were surprised how functional, spacious and bright the new school building is. This is a common reaction – particularly parents tend not to have an accurate conception of contemporary portable modular buildings.

Viherlaakso school received an honorary mention from the city of Espoo for a particularly commendable deed that benefits the surrounding environment. The HURRAA recognition is an acknowledgement of the city’s building control service and building committee.

“Our employees commend the sound-proofing of the school building, its pleasant acoustics and functional floor plan. The dining hall, home economics classrooms, adequate storage spaces and facilities as well as ventilation windows are also mentioned favourably. Students appreciate their new brightly coloured school building.”

– Kirsti Kupiainen, Principal