We succeed together with our customers – 94% of end users are satisfied with our buildings


Our customer survey that was completed in spring 2024 shows that 94% of our customers are either very satisfied or fairly satisfied with us. We are proud of the results, as high customer satisfaction is the most important measure of our success.

Our customers tell us that their satisfaction builds upon the process experience with us. Smooth cooperation with the project manager and sales staff, and sticking to the agreed schedule, appear as important factors of a successful customer experience in the survey results. Our customers appreciate process know-how as a whole, starting from the sketch stage.

“You can see that they are experienced, know the processes and how to predict different situations.” –  End user 

The feedback given by our customers plays an important role in our operations, since our buildings are designed to meet each customer’s specific needs and the design work is carried out together with the customer. We strive to act as a reliable partner and develop our buildings based on feedback and authentic user experiences.

Customers expect partnership

The importance of partnership also emerges in our customers’ wishes and development proposals. The survey results show a need for support in commissioning the buildings, as well as a responsible person to turn to in every phase of the project, from the sales phase to the end of the project. These are concrete examples of customers’ needs for long-term support and trust in construction services.

We strive to meet our customers’ expectations by investing even more in the experience of partnership and joint development with our customers. The customers’ answers showed that they were satisfied with our expertise and experience, and our ability to foresee different situations. It is an honor for us to convey a feeling of certainty and professionalism, and the feedback given by our customers will help us succeed in this in the future as well.