Why choose to rent?

Why choose to rent?

You will save a considerable amount in construction and maintenance costs in both the short and long term when you rent a building from us. At the same time, you will avoid any cost risks associated with new buildings due to the poor predictability of future developments in demographic and municipal structures.

Payment only for the contract period

You only pay rent for the duration of the rent period. At the end of your contract, we will remove our buildings. There is no obligation to purchase.

No property risks

Renting a building eliminates numerous risks for you. This is a simple rental agreement, so you avoid the following risks and responsibilities, among others:

  • interest rate risks
  • tax penalties and potential hidden liabilities
  • supplier risks and structural engineering liabilities
  • property risks
  • residual value liability

No burden for your balance sheet

Renting does not increase your debt or affect your balance sheet.

Building changes according to your needs

You will have facilities which are the type and size that you need, comfortable and of a high quality, and which can be adapted to your needs. In addition, our buildings can be easily expanded or scaled back. You will have just the right amount of space for your needs, and you don’t have to worry about vacant spaces. Our buildings are suitable for countless different uses.

Satellite model brings flexibility in the zoning phase

Our satellite model already takes into account the need for flexibility in municipal facilities during the zoning phase. In our model, the municipality builds certain permanent buildings that have long-term use in service provision, such as sports facilities or a dining hall. Around this base building, it is possible to attach rented Parmaco buildings for different purposes. These facilities may include such things as a day care center, teaching facilities, day activities for the elderly or health care facilities.

Parmaco is responsible for the building project

We take responsibility for the entire building process, which is implemented in accordance with rules, regulations and permits.

We are also responsible for maintenance

We own the building you rent and want to keep it in top condition. We take responsibility for the maintenance of our buildings, and we carry out maintenance according to a Table of Responsibilities agreed in advance.

Sustainable solutions

Our buildings serve in various locations during their life cycle which decreases the need for new buildings. Renting a building is a sustainable choice.

Our solution in brief

Charting your needs and planning
Our construction experts help you to plan premises according to your needs. When premises are designed to meet users’ needs, they are both functional and comfortable. We can assist you in applying for the necessary permits or we can handle the whole process for you.

Construction and assembly
We construct the modules indoors, sheltered from weather. We protect the completed buildings carefully and assemble them on site as agreed and deliver them ready-to-use.

Rental period
During the rental period, we take care of the usability of the premises. Should your needs for space change, you can have sections removed or added.

Removing the building
When the rental period ends, we will remove the building.